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Terms & Conditions

This text is the contract that governs the relationship between citizen watches and you (the consumer) in contracting the activation of #mybetterstartsnow campaign. The terms and conditions of the campaign are accessible on citizen watches microsite. Citizen watches reserves the right to revise those terms & conditions at any time and you will be notified of such revisions by posting an updated version on the microsite page. You are responsible for regular review of those terms & conditions.

  1. The campaign activation is a property of CITIZEN Watches.
  2. The contest promotion will begin on the 12th of December 2018 and will end in March 2019.
  3. The Promotion will only cover the UAE.
  4. All participants should be over the age of 18years & should have a valid identification. (not expiring within 6 months).
  5. The CITIZEN Watches social media platforms Facebook & Instagram as well as the influencers will push to redirect audiences to the #MyBetterStartsNow Campaign Microsite https://citizen-me.com/mybetterstartsnow to submit their entries.
  6. Entries will be submitted to the #MyBetterStartsNow Campaign Microsite and will be collected from the same.
  7. Applicants will submit inspiring stories either in the form of text or video to the microsite page in line with the brand’s Driven philosophy.
  8. There are no specific criteria for the entries, and users can submit stories as long as they stay true to the nature of the campaign.
  9. CITIZEN Watches reserves the right to use the photos, videos and text stories of any participant / recruit for the purpose of social media content creation/ promotion.
  10. One winner will be announced on the CITIZEN Watches Facebook page at the end of the campaign and will be selected through a nomination process.
  11. The shortlisted applications will then be reviewed and judged by CITIZEN’s Watches senior panelist.
  12. The list of entries will be submitted to the Dubai Economic Department as proof of evidence and the final winner will be selected through an honest and authentic validation.
  13. The final winner will receive AED 25,000/ to further facilitate their intention.
  14. The finalist will attend a *special awards event where he/ she will be recognized for his/ her inspiring story and will receive the cash prize.

    Details of the special awards event will be communicated at a later stage.
  15. To claim the prize, the winner shall present their Valid ID proof – Emirate ID or Passport.
  16. The winner shall sign an acknowledgment letter post acceptance of the cash prize stating receipt of the prize.
  17. If the winner is subsequently found illegible to participate in the contest promotion, CITIZEN Watches may at its sole discretion forfeit or reclaim the cash prize and award or dispose of the same in such manner and to such person as it deems fit.
  18. CITIZEN Watches’ decision in all matters to do with the contest promotion is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

We are looking for inspiring individuals who have experienced a Better Starts Now moment that changed the trajectory of their lives towards finding their true purpose.